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Over 45 years of professional experience in international transcontinental projects. We specialise in reducing risk and unleashing opportunity.

Our professionals are proud to have enabled, managed, implemented financial solutions and prescribed insurance alternatives for infrastructure projects, logistics facilities solutions and pioneering industrial capital goods conglomerate investments since 1970.

our core business



Maximize returns for large-scale developments by applying insights on changing community and tenant needs, optimizing capital costs, industrializing and accelerating project delivery, minimizing risk, and ensuring that stable foundations are in place for long-term, sustainable revenue streams.



Trade, particularly rising imports of goods and services, didn't destroy the vast majority of the jobs lost in the United States since 2000. Implementing a close analysis on detailed trade and industry data it is noticeable that foreign trade helped to estimate jobs in the US, cheaper energy prices abroad caused the extent of job dislocation and offshoring in the manufacturing and service sectors from 2000 to 2003.  It is important to correctly calibrate how the economic downturn, imports, exports, and global competition interact—directly and indirectly—to affect employment, in fact, only about 314,000 jobs (11 percent of the manufacturing jobs lost) were lost as a result of trade and that falling exports, not rising imports, were responsible. Service sector offshoring destroyed even fewer jobs. These figures are tiny relative to the millions of positions lost and created every year in the United States by normal market forces.



The real causes of job losses were weak domestic demand, rapid productivity growth, and the dollar's strength, which dampened US exports. It is vital to understand the forces at work, for otherwise there will be a temptation to apply quick fixes that won't restore employment, because they do not address the underlying problems. The real solutions is to apply American ingenuity and creativity. MAXIPAR offers true American TENACITY AND HONESTY on MANAGING mega projects and exporting US solutions abroad .




The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted the way we LIVE.  MAXIPAR  can accelerate Your deal closing kill ratio and efficiently adapting to the new health and prevention rules in place by cultivating new capabilities and promoting a new trend of mindsets.

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